Inspired by Others

This past weekend I was able to adventure around Seattle with some awesome people that I mentioned from last week's blog post. Gwen is my sister I never had growing up and Robbyn is my second mother. They are family and are so loyal to me. I love their company because they support me so much within my dreams. Getting to be with old company in a new city was so refreshing and man, did we get to do a lot around this city. 

I will have pictures and more from our expeditions around the city and in the mountains. Here is a sneak preview of what is to come for the website!

I also was lucky to receive a free ticket to attend a performance of Kidd Pivot.


So let me attempt to describe one of the best, if not the best experience I have ever had at the theatre. 

Crystal Pite is a beautiful artist and choreographer. If you read my blog post about Crystal Pite working with the Pacific Northwest Ballet this past fall, you know that I am in love with her. Her dance company, Kidd Pivot, which is based out of Vancouver, BC in Canada created a new work with actor Jonathon Young from Electric Company Theatre called Betroffenheit. The word betroffenheit, according to Kidd Pivot's video below, is a German word with a loose English translation meaning, "a state of shock and trauma so all-encompassing no words can do it justice." Through dialogue, dance, and theatrics, Crystal Pite and Jonathon Young masterfully created a work of art that blew my mind. It dug into my soul and created a dialogue within myself of hard times. How have I coped with loss? Have I actually dealt with my emotions or have I kept them locked away in myself?

The dancers were phenomenal. I have never seen people move the way they did and their movements evoked emotions. After this performance I sat in shock. A few tears were shed. I honestly have never been so affected by a dance performance. This opened my mind to what a stage can do to a person. It can inspire people and evoke emotions deep in the hearts of many.

Ultimately, I was inspired to perform. Performing is so special. I can communicate ideas to people through a medium other than speech. Performing is complex and there are many layers behind a show. To have the opportunity to play a part of something on stage is incredible. I perform for the people in the audience in hopes that their life will have a new perspective. 

As I have done auditions for a professional contract, I have also auditioned in hopes to be able to perform for people. In my last blog post, I mentioned that I had some phone calls over the last week. Those phone calls were from Ballet Austin, who I auditioned for in San Francisco a few weeks ago. They are very interested in me and they a flying me down to audition for their company. I fly down today, March 28th, in hopes of getting a contract and being able to perform for a new city. Maybe one day I will have the privilege to perform professionally for an audience who will leave the theatre with a new perspective of this world. I am excited to see where this journey to the south takes me.