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I'm Matthew, and I can help you develop your voice and give you tools to tell your story and build your legacy.

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What is Personal Branding?


This is more than being an #influencer on social media.

Personal branding is your reputation. It is time to take control of your reputation and dictate the future that you want in your life and build the legacy you want to leave.


Live Your Dream Life

Before helping others build their personal brand, I was a professional dancer. For 14 years, I trained day in a day out to hone my skills as a dancer while collaborating with other dancers and choreographers to build productions for audiences all over the world. I had to be my own agent to open opportunities for myself as a dancer. I found that my reputation in the dance world was the difference between getting a job and not getting a job. Personal branding allowed me to live the dream that I had as a kid, to become a professional dancer. After an unfortunate career-ending back injury, I have shifted my efforts to help people with building their personal brands to live their dreams and take their next steps in their careers!

I want to give you the confidence and tools to tell your story because I believe you can open up opportunities to lead the life that you wish for through storytelling. I coach people how to communicate effectively, build an audience, and publish their work.

Building an audience takes time, patience, and grit. Dancing gave me extreme discipline meshed with incredible creativity, and I take those experiences to help design practical steps to achieve your dreams and become the agent of your own life. With storytelling, social media, and visual design intersecting with discipline, I hope to serve you on your journey to grow your audience and unlock opportunities in your life.




Content Creation

Need help making some stunning content?

  1. Photos

  2. Videos

  3. Website

1 on 1 Coaching

I want to give you a space to find your calling and empower you to take your next steps forward. I am dedicated to investing in your life and developing your message. I want you to live the life that you desire.

Personal Brand Consulting

From helping you produce content to developing your story, I am as hands-on as you need me to help manage your online and offline presence.

Start with a call to figure out what your needs are and how I can help you!


What this includes

  1. This is a 60 Minute Call or Meet-up

  2. We talk about your goals

  3. I go through your online presence

  4. Build out solutions to improve your image to achieve your goals


Hear what clients are saying


Jesse Ruiz - Owner of Designed Coaching

Matthew’s skill set has helped my business in more ways than I could have imagined. From helping me build out my YouTube channel, creating an amazing website, to teaching me how to share my story via social media, his expertise, energy, and knowledge has been tremendous. In addition, having him as a consultant has also proven to be helpful in my day to day business dealings. I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone seeking to learn about your vision and tapping into your full potential!

Zulesky Aparicio - Founder of The Happiness Of

Matthew helped us to spread The Happiness Of content creation by taking photos and humanizing the social media brand for one of our clients “Four Brothers” in Austin, TX. We absolutely loved the way Matthew worked with our team. He is extremely organized and creative as well. We just started working with him after a friend of ours referred us, but now we consider Matthew a great friend.



Personal Branding 101

This is an in-depth course that will get you equipped to start your brand. This course will walk through each major social media platform, video and photo basics, and mindset development. THE COURSE IS 50% OFF NOW! Coupon: HALFOFF



Here is a snapshot of some of my work with photos and videos.