Where extreme discipline intersects with incredible creativity

My name is Matthew Gattozzi, and I am an audience growth specialist.

Before being an audience growth specialist, I was a professional dancer. For 14 years, I trained day in a day out to hone my skills as a dancer while collaborating with other dancers and choreographers to build productions for audiences all over the world.

Photo by Lindsay Thomas

As I have traveled for dance, I documented my time through writing, pictures, and video. After an unfortunate career-ending back injury, I shifted my efforts to help people and companies with building an audience through social media and visual design.

Dancing gave me extreme discipline meshed with incredible creativity. I will create a flow unique to you that has a schedule with engaging and creative content that builds a community that matters. I have created a system based off of my years of training as a dancer that has found success.

Building an audience takes time, patience, and grit. With storytelling, social media, and visual design intersecting with discipline, I hope to serve you on your journey to grow your business and audience.

Let’s Work Together

I collaborate with you to learn about your vision and tap into your potential. We seek to grow your dreams and business.

Let’s make it personal, one connection at a time.

Web Design

I create websites that bring your story to life. With best in class SEO and intuitively designed for mobile and tablets, your website is ready to be viewed by anyone in the world.

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Let’s begin to tell the story of your brand through stunning images.

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Social Media

Social Media is a way to build trust and a community with existing and future customers. I can build campaigns, advertisements, and strategy to share your message.



I make each video to have a genuine connection to communicate your passion.


Burro Cheese Kitchen

Burro Cheese Kitchen ACL

Burro Cheese Kitchen is a premier food truck located in Austin, TX, and I documented their time at this past year’s Austin City Limits through photos and videos. I managed their social media platforms to distribute the visual content and increase the exposure at the festival. I have also designed their new website to make it easy for customers to access information while keeping the design beautiful.



I worked with Briggo to create photographs that highlight their Austin Airport and Austin Convention Center locations which included their campaign with Lyft. They use these photos for social media advertisement and other commercial uses. For their new version of their app, I photographed every item to help customers identify what coffee drink they are ordering.

Workhouse Wellness

Workhouse Wellness

Workhouse Wellness is a company that offers the best in practice massage therapy. I am building their identity within the health and wellness industry in Austin. Through social media, we create continuing education for their clients while attracting new clients. We are creating better visuals, email newsletters, and other business developments.

Four Brothers

Designed Coaching

designed coaching

Designed Coaching was just a personal coaching service for people in Austin, TX. Since working with Designed Coaching, I redesigned the website, recorded videos on how to do movements for their online database, and helped create their remote training program. The remote training program is a subscription-based model to bring individual design to workouts for anyone in the world. Since launching, we have signed people from around the country and companies offer this to their employees.

Four Brothers

Four Brothers approached me to help create meaningful content for their social media. I photographed their food items and produced captions for their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. I built an audience that engaged with the food and the community around the food truck. I helped educate people about Venezuelan food, and the culture around the food. Through social media, we increased catering orders and advertised public events.

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I do what I preach

A Daily Video and Podcast for 365 Days

The goal of this project is to improve my skills as a video editor by making a video each day for 365 days. This project is an exercise of discipline, training, and learning to be creative. After 100 days of videos, I shifted the goal to include a theme for the videos and adding a podcast. Understanding Adulthood focuses on how to grow up, build relationships, understand my faith in God, be a professional, and everything else in between. If you jive with something, do not feel afraid to share it for others. Peace and Love!

The podcast is on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor and, more! You can listen right now!

I also post on my Instagram every day.