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These pictures go beyond just your next Instagram post and make people stop scrolling to pay attention to what you have to say.


These videos communicate your message through creative storytelling in a way that everyone will want to share with other people.


A website is an investment to online real estate which is vital to control and spread your story to people.

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This is an all encompassing package that is perfect for those who need a restart on their brand or is ready to start their brand today!

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Do You Struggle With Your Media?


Do you feel like you are wasting time on social media?

Does marketing make you sick?

Are you spending money on bad media?

Did your last marketing effort fail?

Is it time to redo your website?

Are you struggling to get new leads?


 Creating with a Purpose

I donate 10 % of all revenue to non-profits that I work with and know exactly how the money will be spent.

Matthew Gattozzi with MozHope

Where Do You Donate?

Currently, I am donating the money to MozHope, which helps people in poverty in Mozambique. I traveled to Maputo, Mozambique to visit homes, document what is going on in the communities, and learn about the needs with specific families. This money will go directly to those families that I visited to rebuild their homes or improve their businesses to supply for their families.




Like you, I am frustrated with people wasting your time telling you to put up content to keep up with a person's newsfeed without any guidance.

I connect story-driven media with a strategy to beat the algorithm.

Here are a few companies that I have helped!

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Jesse Ruiz - Owner of Designed Coaching

Matthew’s skill set has helped my business in more ways than I could have imagined. From helping me build out my YouTube channel, creating an amazing website, to teaching me how to share my story via social media, his expertise, energy, and knowledge has been tremendous. In addition, having him as a consultant has also proven to be helpful in my day to day business dealings. I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone seeking to learn about your vision and tapping into your full potential!

Zulesky Aparicio - Founder of The Happiness Of

Matthew helped us to spread The Happiness Of content creation by taking photos and humanizing the social media brand for one of our clients “Four Brothers” in Austin, TX. We absolutely loved the way Matthew worked with our team. He is extremely organized and creative as well. We just started working with him after a friend of ours referred us, but now we consider Matthew a great friend.



Here is a snapshot of some of my work with photos and videos.