My calling in life is to create. This website is a snapshot of what I try to do everyday in pursuit of my calling. My hope is that you will be inspired to create within your own life by seeing and reading my work.


The Blogs

Writing about my life has been my passion for a few years now. I try to be transparent about myself through my writing.


The Personal Blog

This blog is a documentation of my travels and life experiences over the past three years after high school as I have lived all over the United States in pursuit of my dream of being a professional ballet dancer. Since achieving my dream, I have written about what my career as well as my own personal struggles with mental health.


My Health Journal

Started in the summer of 2017 during a month long food detox, I have started to journal about what I do to keep up my physical health. Having healthy habits of working out and eating has always been hard for me and I am no expert- this is just me being open about how I am trying to improve myself physical self. 


Community Stories

After feeling lots of love during my time of depression and many people reaching out to me, I realized that we all have stories that are unique and beautiful. I decided to create an open blog where anyone can write about any part of their life. This blog is stuffed with amazing, vulnerable stories and perspectives from different people amongst us.




I have been fortunate to work with people and travel to create visuals and photographs for them. These are a few selects that represent the work that I can offer.

Photography Blog

I am always pushing myself to take photographs in my everyday life. I want to show my adventures and client work while giving a little of the behind the scenes of the photoshoots. Maybe there is a funny story or information on the location. This is updated very frequently, so look for the latest photos here. 



There are times that I try to be a little serious and I love to create visuals that make people think or smile. Enjoy some visual candy for your eyes. 





From vlogs to review videos, I post videos weekly. I love the platform of Youtube and creating videos about my life, some serious and most are not that serious. 

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Let me help you!


Dancer: With training and professional experience for 13 years with Boston Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet and currently Ballet Austin, I can dance for your production or your latest music video. 

Teacher/Choreographer: Need a private coach or a teacher for a master class? I can teach ballet, hip-hop, and lyrical/contemporary. I can choreograph solos as well as group pieces for your school or company.

Photographer: I specialize in lifestyle and portrait photography. Need photos for your business or your living room- I am your guy.

Videographer: I specialize in event and product video. Want a promotional video or a video to remember a special day- I can help you make those lasting memories.

Social Media: I have experience in helping create social media campaigns and designing layouts on feeds and websites. 

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