I would like to offer you a position with our second company, Ballet Austin II.
— Stephen Mills, Artistic Director

Yeah, just read that quotation. IT HAPPENED! 


After years and thousands of hours of training, I have made it. I got a professional contract with the second company of Ballet Austin. I am absolutely honored. It is so hard to break into the professional world as a ballet dancer. I have been rejected from so many other places, but it does not matter because I got one yes. That is all I need.

This moment would not have happened if I did not have the support of so many amazing people in my life. I have so many mentors, teachers, and friends that have taught me so much through the years. I want to thank you to all who have made this possible.

11 years ago in 3rd grade, I was picked in my elementary school's cafeteria to dance. Now I am dancing professionally. I actually have gotten a hold of my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Shea, via Linkedin. Mrs. Shea encouraged my mom to keep me dancing back then, and if it wasn't for her, I would not be here.

This has been a process and I have learned a lot about myself and about life. The main thing that I have learned is that if something is worth it, do not stop fighting for that something, even if that something may cause hurt at times (RULE 82). I have battled a lot of disappointment, injuries, and self-doubt but to me, this career is worth the fight. I did not stop. Ballet Austin was my last audition. At the very, very, very end, when my dance career was on the threads, I still battled. It payed off.

This ballet world is very cruel. I am lucky. I have plenty of friends who have gotten so close to being hired but didn't get the job they wanted. The ballet world is so competitive and you can never know what kind of dancer the different companies want. The job hunt is so hard to navigate. Timing is everything. Knowing this, having this job is a privilege and a great honor. I want to work hard because not everyone receives this great honor to perform at this level.

My family are my biggest fans. My brother has always supported my dreams. He is always asking how I am doing and making sure that I am happy. He stays so positive, and encourages me in the times that I need love the most. My dad and mother have sacrificed hours out of their schedule to make this happen since I was a kid. They allowed me to chase my dream after high school and move across the country. They had more faith in me the last few months than I did in myself. My mom told me to borrow some of her faith for myself. My parents have always picked me up. They are tough and keep me grounded.

We did it guys.

This all is orchestrated by God. I believe that he is the author of this story.

But the story is not over. I still have the rest of my time in Seattle! I am excited to give to ballet and people with my whole heart before I leave. It is easy to checkout but I know that my work here is not done. I need to try to be better everyday. Though I celebrate today, I need to get back to working hard. 

The Odyssey, Chasing the Dream is now The Odyssey, Living the Dream.