The Roaring 20's

20 Years Old! 


That is really happening today!

20 is a big year for me because I am hopefully starting my career officially and really catching my dreams. 20 is the defining decade of life. The people I am with, my career, the things I take interest for the rest of my life usually all stem from this decade. Does that make 20 seem scary? A bit. BUT, I am exited for what is to come. I am starting my career that I have wanted for so many years!! I am going to meet amazing people as I travel and move! I am going to learn about new and old interests. I will become educated from experiences and people that I surround myself with!

19 was a crazy year for me. I made a lot of friends, traveled outside of the US, traveled around to many states, performed on a big a stage, and created a lot of memories in Seattle. Just read my blog from the last year to see the craziness. I also had some hard times losing friends, with love, dealing with disappointment, dealing with self-doubt, and insecurity. The good times and the hard times have created who I am today. I am excited for the new adventures this year will bring to me and my life.