Busy Busy Busy!!

Busy Busy Busy! This week has been pretty hectic with auditions, phone calls, and rehearsals.

I have been getting ready for two shows. The first show is Director's Choice which will be performed by the Pacific Northwest Ballet. The show consists of three short ballets and I am an understudy for one of the three ballets. My responsibilities for this show have not been taxing physically, but I do have to attend rehearsals and sometimes stage rehearsals. 

The second show and more important show for me is Le Corsaire which is being staged by Doug Fullington and performed by the Pacific Northwest Ballet School. I will perform the role of Birbanto, which is a big role within the story. I get to dance quite a bit but what I am more excited about is the acting. I have never really had a chance to be a character on stage before this show. I have to portray anger, frustration, seriousness, revenge, and occasionally happiness. Learning how to move and act with only my body to communicate these emotions to the audience has definitely been a great growing experience for me as an artist. In between rehearsals for Director's Choice, I have stage rehearsals for Le Corsaire. I am staying busy to say the least, but I am excited to be performing this coming weekend!

On top of my duties here in Seattle, I am still on the search for a job for next year to dance professionally. I had an audition this morning before rehearsals for Oregon Ballet Theatre. I had a few other auditions for other companies last week. I am still waiting for answers but I am being patient. I have sent some emails and made calls to check in on some places. More updates to come.

Although I am very busy this weekend, I have two very special people coming to visit Seattle from Boston. Robbyn and Gwen are literally family to me. Robbyn is my second mom and Gwen is the sister I never had growing up. I am so excited for them to be here in Seattle to see my life, my performances, and my city. Luckily I have Monday off to adventure around with them! 

This weekend is jammed packed with performances, friends, and adventures!