Return of the Friend

The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.
— Hubert H. Humphrey
Alex and I chilling on the bus

Alex and I chilling on the bus

Over the past year at Boston Ballet I became friends with a kid named Alex. For the past year we danced together, worked out together, and hung out together. He became such a dear friend to me and when I left Boston, I really did not know the next time I was going to see him. Well, this past Saturday, as he was on his way home to Hawaii, he stopped in Seattle for the day. It was great to see him again and just catch up on life. We went downtown and had dinner at this Spanish restaurant. Then after some awesome fro-yo from Yetiyogurt, we went to my favorite spot, Kerry Park, to watch the sunset. Even though he was only here for a day, I loved having him back in my life. We had so many laughs and stories to tell each other. 

Today after church, I ventured with a few friends to Golden Gardens. This is a beach in Ballard which is a little north of Seattle. The view on the beach was unbelievable because you could see all the Olympic mountains and the water was crashing onto the sand. The sky was clear and the sun was beating down. I am usually that guy who does not wear sun screen but does not get burnt... well not today. I got burnt and my back is steaming red. Do not be that guy that does not wear sunscreen (RULE 5). Sure you might not get burned, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Even though I got burnt and ballet with a burnt body will not be fun, I still enjoyed my time at the beach. 

The locals say Fremont is the Center of the Universe but I would have to beg to differ because Ballard is pretty poppin. Coming home today, we stopped in Ballard to eat. There were lots of restaurants, stores, and shops and it was just hip. There was a laid back vibe to the place. Ballard is a must for me to explore.