I Made It

The clock strikes 3 PM and I am shaking in my chair as I anticipate my meeting. I am called into the director's office and my future plans await me 10 feet away.

So I when I came out here to Seattle I did not really know if I was going to actually live in Seattle because I did not officially have a place at the school yet. I have gone about this trip so far with an idea of my future but no certainty of my future. Today, I learned that my risk-taking has payed off and I will be joining the Pacific Northwest Ballet School as a Professional Division student this coming fall. This is a huge step for me as a dancer and a big relief.  I learned to take risks because you never know where you can end up (RULE 6). Once I found out that I made it into the school, I just took a deep breathe. I made it. My dream continues and I am one step closer to becoming a professional dancer. I am ecstatic about my future in Seattle and at PNB.