The Talent Show

What camp with dorms doesn't have a talent show? Well PNB School's dorms did not break that tradition and tonight we had a talent show. I happened to be apart of it. The story of my act does not start at the beginning of the night, but actually when I signed up for the talent show a few weeks prior to today.

I love to do hip-hop for fun, but most people don't know/expect that I do it until they see me actually dance. Well, there are only a handful of people from Boston and they were the only ones who know that I do hip-hop at the time. Instead of signing up for the talent show under the act of Hip-hop dancing, I decided to have a little fun with the crowd. I wrote that I would do poetry reading for my act. I created rumors about my poetry career and people believed that I did poetry about Nature. 

Then today came. This video explains the rest.

There were no winners, but the reaction after people saw me dance was priceless.