I'm Home

My mother, since I was a little kid, has always made me watch the sunset. She says, "Matt! Look how pretty the sky is!" I always shrugged it off like it is no big deal. It has not been till I have arrived in Seattle that I have noticed the sunset and it's beauty. 

On Saturday night I saw the most magnificent sunset of my life. Again, my mom has made me look at the sky a lot, but for some reason this sunset struck a chord. Words cannot describe the beauty that I got to witness. I know that is a cliché but seriously, if something is that beautiful you just have to stop and appreciate the beauty because no one will be able to empathize with you unless they saw the same beauty. When I saw the sky I said to myself, "I'm home." This moment gave me comfort about living here. Seeing the power of the sunset put the city into perfect harmony.

Unfortunately I did not have my camera, which I now consider a sin because I might miss out on opportunities to shoot like Saturday night (RULE 7). Even if I did have my camera, my photos would not do the sky justice. If you check out my Instagram (the_real_Gattozz) at the top of the page you can see a picture of me with the sunset. Hopefully I will be able to see more of the Seattle sky as I live here.