I Didn't Really Replace You

Everyone has a place in their life that is perfect and no where else can match that place full of bliss. Well my perfect place is Logan Square Barbershop in Boston. I got my first haircut there and I have never gotten a haircut anywhere else for 18 years. So many memories and conversations have happened at that barbershop. I always love going to get my haircut because there are usually some characters in the shop. 

The time came where I needed a haircut. I have dreaded this part of my move because the barbershop is my home. I went out on a quest to find a place that would almost replicate Logan Square Barbershop. I spent hours looking up prices, location, styles and reviews. I found nothing. Well I found something... I found a 42 dollar haircut. Yeah, that is a thing. I gagged when I saw the price. I also found lots of salons but I do not do salons, I do old fashion male barbershops. 

I lacked in my quest to replace my barbershop but I still had a problem to solve; I need to cut my hair. I took matters into my own hair and cut my hair. Correct, Matt Gattozzi cut his own hair. Did I do just as well as my barber? Definitely not but I do not mind saving 42 dollars on a haircut. I will not be able to replace my barbershop but I needed a solution. This saves lots of money for me and I do not have to feel disappointed from a random barber. It is a win win situation.

It has not been easy to say goodbye to my barbershop. I think the solution of me cutting my own hair is the best compromise instead of betraying Logan Square Barbershop. One might think I am crazy, but the barbershop is important to me. Replacing is not easy. Instead of replacing Logan Square, I feel that giving my own haircuts keeps me at the shop I call home without having to be there. 

In terms of my hair cutting skills, I will definitely need to improve. On the other hand, the fact that I did not have to create a rule about me cutting my hair means I am doing something right so far in my career as a barber.