The Bite of Fun

Every year, Seattle puts on a festival called The Bite of Seattle. Restaurants and companies come from all across the city to Seattle Center to allow people to buy their food and try samples. It is a great way for restaurants to get business, but also to get their name out to the general public. There is music going on at the same time. Lots of people go out to this event and it goes on all weekend, Friday to Sunday. 

After class on Friday, I went with a few friends to get some dinner. I found a burger, but it was not your stereotypical burger. The burger was a half pound burger with bacon, cheese and krispy kreme donuts as the bun. When I heard about it, I was disgusted but I decided to try. O my goodness was it amazing. It is definitely not healthy, but it is phenomenal (RULE 3).

After this delicious burger, I ventured back to Kerry Park to see the city at sunset and at night. I got some really cool photos and it was relaxing to watch the sun go down.

The next day, I had class... time to burn off that Krispy Kreme burger. After class, of course, I went back to the Bite of Seattle. This time, I did not get the Krispy Kreme burger, I just got barbecue. I played it safe. As we ate we listened to some music. Out in the middle of the crowd was a man who was dancing. I jokingly went up to him and started to copy his dance moves. I did not know what I just got myself into.

As I came back, my friends laughed, so I decided that if the same guy stood up to dance, I would join him. The man stood up the next song... so I joined. The next song I got my friend Jack to join me and then that is where I lost it. Jack went crazy doing dance moves and just jamming. Soon enough people joined us and we had about 8-10 people dancing. After the song ended my friend and I sat back down, but we were hyped that other people joined us. The next song was called, "Push the Party" and that is exactly what we did. We went all out. I even did a little air saxophone solo. We were jumping around, dancing randomly and everyone was watching, but my friend and I did not care one bit because we were having the times of our lives.

We went a little too hard because we would black out for a few seconds... you think I am kidding and then you see the videos below. Everyone always wants to dance, but never does, so we decided to dance (RULE 4). Boy, did we dance.

After the craziness of dancing all out, I traveled to gas works which is a rundown, urban park that overlooks Lake Union. The view was unbelievable and a great way to cap off the weekend.