Second Week

I have been really busy out here in Seattle with ballet all day. Luckily, my body has gotten use to the whole schedule and the second week has not been as painful. Right now, in terms of dance, there is nothing extremely exciting going on except that I am just training hard. I do not literally do ballet all day, so I have SOME time to explore the city. 

The weekend was very enjoyable! I hung out with friends on Saturday night in Seattle Center. The next day, my uncle and I watched the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina. After we went to Edmonds Beach which had a great view of the Olympic mountains. Later we had lunch with my aunt and my cousin who just returned from Brazil and the World Cup... There were some great stories. 

On Wednesday night, a few of my friends and I went to a park called Kerry Park. This park is on Queen Anne and it overlooks the whole entire city. The view is unbelievable! Here is a panorama that I shot with Mount Rainier in the background. 


This weekend, I am on a mission to explore more of the city since I have not done much of that so far on my trip here in Seattle. It helps that the weather has been unbelievable.