First week in Review

It has been almost one week since I wrote my last post... no I did not die, but after this first week at ballet, it sure has felt like I have met death. This has easily been the hardest week on my body ever. Everyday, after hours of dancing, sweating (a lot), and the occasional blood I come home dead tired. Once I finish dinner, I usually go back to my room with two big ice bags and I sit on my bed and ice my ankles and knees.

I have been too tired to go out and explore Seattle, so there is nothing really exciting to tell you except that I have been meeting a lot of people which has been very enjoyable. At the dorms, we have played Frisbee, cards, and have just hung out. It has been pretty relaxed at the dorms but, I will say that I did have a great adventure to 7/11 for free slurpee day! Lemonade flavor plus the watermelon flavor is unbelievable. Tonight which is Saturday night, I will be exploring downtown Seattle with friends. I have made it officially through the first week. It has not been easy, but I have made it.