Hello Seattle

Waking up at 4 AM is usually a struggle for most people, but with my excitement, I popped out of my bed... who needs beauty sleep when you have a life dream to catch. My dad and mom drove me to the airport to send me off on my adventure. I said bye to my dad and my mom brought me inside to help me check in for the flight. My bags got checked in and then I said bye to my mom. As I was going into the security line, I was told one of my carry on bags was too big by less than an inch to bring. I had to go back to the check in line and check in another bag. Usually the third bag would have been 75 dollars, but I stayed calm and the woman checked in my bag for free (RULE 1). I was pumped I did not have to pay for another bag, but then I had to say bye to my mom again which was awkward because we just had an emotional goodbye moment ten minutes before. So we laughed and said bye... again (RULE 2).

After being stuck on the tarmac for an hour and then my six hour flight, the view of coming into Seattle was well worth all that time. Mount Rainier looked unbelievable. I finally made it to Seattle after weeks of waiting. I am very excited to be here. My uncle picked me up from the airport and I hung out with my aunt and uncle for all of Saturday,

Today, after going to church, I moved into my dorm at Seattle Pacific University. The first day of summer programs is always awkward because you are introducing yourself and you barely know anyone. During the down time everyone is just milling around awkwardly being timid. It is funny to watch and then I realize, o wait... that is me too. It has been great to meet a lot of people and it seems like all the people I have met are pretty cool. 

I am just excited for this great experience to start. I am nervous for my first class but once I start going, I know I will be fine. Not only am I excited to dance in Seattle, but I am excited to finally explore the city. I will leave you with this video which has gotten me hyped for being here in this amazing city.

Seattle Dream (Time Lapse) from F-Stop Seattle on Vimeo