Whole Foods Hack | Detox Day 26

Everyone says Whole Foods is expensive.

I disagree. People just do not know what to get!

What if I said you could get a whole meal, that is healthy and filling, for only 3.51 dollar? You do not believe me?

Here is a picture of this taco bowl and the receipt on the right!

Step 1- go to the Taco Alley at Whole Foods and select build your own Taco. Then order a taco in a cup without the tortilla. 

Step 2- Add all that you want on there. I usually get Tofu Scramble, Potato, Black Beans, Rice, Vegan Chorizo, Pico de Gallo, and Onions.

Step 3- Since they cannot fit all of that in a cup, they will put it in a bowl.

Step 4- The toppings bar is the MAJOR KEY! You can get Kale, Lettuce, and more tomatoes. They had a pineapple and tomato salsa that was prime.

That's a whole meal filled with really good protein and greens all for less than 4 dollars. You can thank me later!

What is your favorite thing at Whole Foods? Let me know in the comments below and on Social Media!