Benefits of Mushrooms | Detox Day 25

Mushrooms are weird. They are from the Fungi Family - not a vegetable - and they are an important food that I did not know about and should eat more often.

Mushrooms are pretty perfect for a Vegan for a few reasons. 

Most people get there Vitamin D from dairy, but since a Vegan doesn't have animal products, they need their Vitamin D from other sources. Mushrooms! Mushrooms also provide an excellent source of Potassium and Selenium. These help as anti-inflammatories and can even prevent cancerous tumors from producing. Did I forget to mention the high amounts of antioxidants from a mushroom?

I put the mushrooms in my salad not knowing the benefits. Now I am learning that mushrooms should be a huge part of my diet since I do not eat animal products on the regular.

Do not be fooled by the strangeness of a mushroom like me! Get yourself some mushrooms and tell me how you cooked them! If you want to read more about mushrooms, check out this article here!

I want to do more recipes with mushrooms. Let's get creative! Let me know in the comments below or on social media!