Who Needs Corporate

Ted on his computer

You can go in and out of coffee shops without taking the time to talk to the people around you. How many times do you go to get coffee? Do you know the people who work there? Have you ever met the person sitting next to you who is reading a book?

I was sitting and just sipping my coffee as I relaxed for the day. I peeked over to Ted's computer screen and saw that he was working on a language. Ted is a very intelligent guy who has clearly gone after great opportunities in his life and he has taken risks. He has lived all over the map, in the US and in the world. This guy was super cool to talk to and here are some parts of our conversation in no particular order. This is just a condensed version of our great conversation. 

Me: What language are you learning?

Ted: Mandarin Chinese

Me: Did you take Mandarin before?

Ted: Yeah, I was pretty good for a while and now I am trying to get back into it. I actually lived in China for four months after I quit my job at IBM to be immersed in the language before I started another job. 

Me: Why did you leave IBM? Too corporate?

Ted: Just that- too corporate.

Me: What is your drink of choice?

Ted: Tea. I don't drink coffee anymore because I used to drink too much of it for a long time.

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