One Ball

Juan Pelota Cafe

Lance Armstrong owns this cafe - Juan Pelota Cafe. Seems random? Not really. Juan Pelota is connected to Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop. Bike teams ride in and out of here. The bike enthusiasts of Austin all come here, to fix their bikes. Lance Armstrong's yellow Tour De France jerseys are all hanging in the shop.

Why did Lance Armstrong call his cafe Juan Pelota? Well, he has jokes. Juan sounds like one and Pelota means ball in Spanish. Juan Pelota = one ball. One ball? Lance Armstrong had testicular cancer and now has one ball. Talk about Livestrong. Lance Armstrong is laughing at surviving cancer. 

Overall, this coffee spot is amazing with an even better community. This coffee shop is the definition of engaging the community. If you have not been to Juan Pelota, this is a unique coffee shop of Austin. 

This week I will be interviewing people at the coffee shop Juan Pelota located in downtown Austin. Follow the #engagethecommunity on social media for the latest updates.