The Welder

Keith the Welder

You can go in and out of coffee shops without taking the time to talk to the people around you. How many times do you go to get coffee? Do you know the people who work there? Have you ever met the person sitting next to you who is reading a book?

Juan Pelota is connected to a bike shop called Johnny Mellow's and they have bike teams riding from here at all times of the day. I was sitting at a table with Keith while he was reading a book. He was waiting to go on a ride after work. 

Here was some of our conversation-

Me: What book are you reading?

Keith: The Pillars of Earth by Ken Follett.

Me: How do you like it?

Keith: I love this book. You should read it.

Me: What do you do for work?

Keith: I am a welder for the University of Texas. I work at the power plant behind the stadium. A lot of people ask if there is a reactor there... no, there is not one!

Me: What is your drink of choice?

Keith: Espresso

This week I will be interviewing people at the coffee shop Juan Pelota located in downtown Austin. Follow the #engagethecommunity on social media for the latest updates.