Lover of Life

Daniel from Juan Pelota Cafe

You can go in and out of coffee shops without taking the time to talk to the people around you. How many times do you go to get coffee? Do you know the people who work there? Have you ever met the person sitting next to you who is reading a book?

Every time I enter Juan Pelota, I am greeted by Daniel with a "What's up, dog?" Daniel is the absolute chillest dude you will meet and I love that. He is the manager of Juan Pelota Cafe and after a crazy day at ballet, this guy will brighten up my day. He is soft spoken, but he is really cool to talk to when you get the chance. I asked him a few questions and here were his responses.

Me: What are your dreams in life?

Daniel: Honestly, I don't have huge plans for my life. I just want to live life and love it.

Me: What is your go to drink?

Daniel: I don't want to copy Zach's response but I usually go for a straight shot of espresso. But I do like an Americano.

This week I will be interviewing people at the coffee shop Juan Pelota located in downtown Austin. Follow the #engagethecommunity on social media for the latest updates.