Zach's Espresso

You can go in and out of coffee shops without taking the time to talk to the people around you. How many times do you go to get coffee? Do you know the people who work there? Have you ever met the person sitting next to you who is reading a book?

Meet Zach! This guy is the man! He is one of the barista's at Juan Pelota located on the corner of Nueces and 4th. I have gotten to know Zach over the past couple of months since moving to Austin and he loves living life to the full. He lives simple, but loves to adventure and race on his bike. I was able to ask him a few questions in between him pulling shots of espresso.

Me: What is your go to drink?

Zach: A shot of espresso.

Me: What is you dream in life?

Zach: If I am going to be totally honest, my dream is to get married and start a family.

This week I will be interviewing people at the coffee shop Juan Pelota located in downtown Austin. Follow the #engagethecommunity on social media for the latest updates.