What's up Boston

See you in 6 months Boston! You have been too good to me! Hello Seattle
— My Status on Facebook on July 5th, 2014

Six months later, I kept to my word and returned to Boston! I could not have been more excited to get home. By the last few days of Nutcracker, I just wanted to run from the theatre and go to the airport. After the last two shows on Sunday, December 28th, I left from the theatre to the airport and I took a red-eye back home. Usually red-eye flights are the worst, but I was too excited to get home. 

When I looked out the window of the plane in the morning and I saw the Atlantic Ocean, I could not contain myself. I did not care if the person next to me gave me looks... I HAVE NOT BEEN HOME FOR SIX MONTHS. After landing in Logan Airport, it felt like years went by before I could leave the plane. After being in Seattle, a coffee mecca, I missed my Dunkins. The first thing I did when I got off the plane was get my usual from Dunkins which is a medium iced caramel latte with a Boston kreme donut. I got my bags and finally found my parents. 

The hug with my mom and dad was the best part of my trip back. They have been so supportive of me and to finally see them was priceless! As we are driving home, we pick up my brother from work. This embrace was really special to me because my brother just joined the National Guard and he has been at basic training in South Carolina the last 7 or 8 weeks. To see that guy in an army uniform and pick me up was awesome. 

The rest of my time in Boston after the initial hour was also amazing. I had a real Christmas with my family and we exchanged gifts. I went to all my favorite food places in Boston. I missed good pizza and calzones. I got to hang out with a lot of my friends from ballet, church, and school. I could not see everyone in one week and people were away, but it was refreshing to see the friends that I was with. I was nervous that I had changed and would be out of sync with everyone but, it felt like I was gone for only a week. Everything just picked up where I left off which encouraged me. 

Unfortunately, I had to leave Boston to go back to Seattle because ballet was starting up on the 5th of January. I said my goodbyes and got onto the plane late Sunday afternoon. Little, did I know I was about to have an adventure getting home. I landed in Seattle around 10:45 PM. I was going to meet up with a friend from ballet who was flying back to Seattle from New York City and we were going to split a cab together to get home. Well he ended up missing his flight because Delta sent him the wrong itinerary. I found all this information out around 11 PM. Now I am in the airport stranded and I need to get home. Always have a backup plan to get home from the airport or else it will not be easy getting home (RULE 51). 

I am not going to pay for a cab just for myself because that would cost 60 dollars... I do not want to spend 60 dollars. So I decided to take the light rail and then a bus which would cost me less than five dollars. I get on the light rail nice and easy. We are in the middle of the route when the conductor says that this is the last stop.... but I am in the middle of nowhere! Later I found out that the train does not go all the way downtown late at night because the stops are closed. This is why I need Rule 51 for future reference. So I had to take a bus downtown in order to catch another bus. I waited outside 25 minutes while the wind was blowing like crazy and it was lightly raining. I finally get on the bus and get downtown to find out that I have to wait 25 more minutes for the next bus. Downtown Seattle at 1 PM in the morning is not something you should want to experience (RULE 52). I finally got on a bus and shortly after a few blocks I got off the bus because it was going the wrong way. I gave up and walked another 10 blocks just to get home. When I saw my apartment, I was celebrating. "Thank goodness I am home."