Home Alone

I do not know what was crazier about my Christmas, me wearing shorts and flip-flops or having thai food for Christmas dinner. This was my first Christmas away from my family and it was hard. Thanksgiving was not bad, but at this point, I just want to go home. Missing Christmas was tough, but my Christmas that I did have was really enjoyable. 

I tried to keep the day low-key. The day started with me skyping my family. I gave them a tour of my apartment and caught up with them. I have not seen them in six months, so it was great to see their faces. After chatting with my family, I went over my friend's house to have breakfast between the three of us. We feasted on pancakes, sausage, bacon, and eggs. Whilst in a food coma we had a dance party... well, it ended up with just me dancing. I got tired from jumping around and lip syncing and eventually we started to watch a movie, The Interview. More on that movie later in a movie review.

I went from watching The Interview to watching Frozen with another group of friends. Mario Kart, puzzles, and Thai food took up the rest of the night. My Christmas was nothing like my usual Christmas day, but I really enjoyed the day. Although I was not with my family, I was able to be with friends. Throughout the day, I had to remind myself why I was missing Christmas with my family and that is because I am busy performing the Nutcracker. I am blessed with the amazing opportunity to perform in front of thousands of people everyday and chase after my dream. I am sacrificing a lot in my life, but it is worth it. If sacrifice was easy, then everyone would sacrifice. I just cannot wait to go home in THREE days! See you soon Boston!