College Process All Over

Should I submit? NO! I need to read it for a twentieth time. AHH it sucks. I am not getting in. Should I even try?

These are just some of my thoughts as I am getting ready for auditions for professional ballet companies. Yes, that is right, it is that time of year and my life. I am not out here in Seattle to just hang out and find things to write about. Though that would be nice, I am on a mission. I have been training hard these past few months and now it is time to really chase my dream and get that professional contract.

Since I started truly researching these past few weeks on where I want to end up next year, I have gotten really excited at the idea of being a professional. I am now so close to my goal, I just want to be there. Unfortunately, I cannot just skip over the most important part of the process, the auditions. 

Auditions can be scary and daunting when a job is on the line, but I am trying to limit the anxiety. "How do you limit anxiety in auditions, Matt?" Great question! The key to successful auditions, in my opinion is preparation. If you are not prepared for an audition, scrambling last minute to get things ready makes the audition feel crazier than it should.

Audition season for companies is traditionally between January and March. I am at the most critical part, the preparation. I am trying to create my résumé, take audition photos, and record an audition video. During audition season, I will not have time to record myself dance or write a good, solid résumé. Now that I do have the time, I am working hard to get all of my items done before I go home for break.

Not only do you need a résumé and pictures, but you need to be able to actually do the auditions. A lot can happen in three months for all those auditions and injuries can occur. The best way I am getting ready for those grueling three months is strengthening. The extra time I put in today at the gym and studio will help me for tomorrow. With the mindset of feeling prepared instead of scrambling and panicking, I can tackle these auditions with a good, light spirit and I may even enjoy the auditions.

This process feels like trying to get into college all over again. I learned from my college process experience... because I was not totally prepared. I sent an application in TEN minutes before it was due. Not pretty. Preparation is key (RULE 49). Hopefully I will be prepared and ready to go come January. I am excited to chase after my dream and try to make it a reality. My friend has this saying above her bed that says, "Dream until your dreams comes true." We always joke about it and kind of mock it, but then the meaning really hit me. Never give up on your dreams because you will regret it (RULE 50). I will keep you updated on my audition process and how I am feeling about it throughout the year. If you have any advice or stories, please comment below.


P.S. If you read my last article about my ceiling, then you may be wondering if it ever got fixed. IT DID! Booyahhh. So now I have a ceiling and there is no leak. Thank the Lord!