Training Ground

Me in my office

Most of my adolescent years at home were spent in this room- the office. So many all-nighters studying for physics took place in that chair. Hundreds of essays were typed and math equations solved. After eating my dinner, I would come into this room and work into the late hours of the night doing homework everyday. 

What is so special about a room that you just sat and did work in? No, the flourescent lighting is not what makes this room special. It was the work done here that made this place special. I am proud of working hard in the late hours of the night. This room built me in terms of what it means to work hard, be diligent, and finish what I start. This room is mundane- I did the same thing in here day in and day out. But there is beauty in the mundanity of this lifestyle because I learned skills beyond the books that I was reading that really form the person I am today. The work done here, though not super exciting, truly was the foundation of the man I have become. This looks like an office space to most, but to me, this was my training ground.

This week, since I am home for the holidays, my community is my house and my childhood. I want to engage where I came from and what makes home so special. What is so special about your home? What is your favorite room? Let me know on social media with #engagethecommunity !!