Sweet Dreams

I have grown up and gotten bigger, but my bed is still the same bed that I used when I was just a kid. I still have stickers on the side from kindergarten. This is me attempting to jump on my bed like I used to as a kid… I might be a little heavier than I was a few years ago. I love my little nook in the room. Currently it is more of a storage corner for my family which makes sense since I don’t live here.

When I did reign king in this part of the room, I used to hang posters of all my favorite athletes and articles that inspired me. At one point, I had every member of the 2004 Red Sox World Championship Team on my wall. This is a place that I would sleep but I would look up and dream of winning. I would dream of doing something great in my life. For a time, it was to play for the Red Sox. Although my dreams changed, the inspiration from my nook of the bedroom has always been the same- Do not stop until you win. The Red Sox did just that for 86 years before the 2004 World Series.

As I come back home, I remember what my room used to be and how special that place was for me to imagine life outside of this house. As I leave the house, I can now live that life that I imagined in this bed staring out at all the pictures. 

This week, since I am home for the holidays, my community is my house and my childhood. I want to engage where I came from and what makes home so special. What is so special about your home? What is your favorite room? Let me know on social media with #engagethecommunity !!