A Bar for Kids

Me sitting at the kitchen bar

Even if you are not 21 years old, you can sit at this bar. When I was a little boy, my kitchen was remodeled into what it is today. What I love most about the kitchen is the bar behind the sink. It is the perfect place to sit in the kitchen. 

Growing up, I would sit in this chair to eat breakfast while watching my Saturday morning cartoons. As I got older, I would sit there watching the Red Sox play while looking at my dad cook dinner. My dad used to be a professional cook and he is the best cook I know. He knows everything about food and if he does not know about it, I bet you he is on his Ipad right now looking it up. I would ask him questions about what he is making and how the science works behind cooking that meal. Maybe we would just talk sports. But this spot is where I bonded with my dad.

This is the only bar I have been to in my life. Although I am excited to turn 21 in March, this bar will always be the best. So many conversations and ideas have been past around and have shaped my life while sitting on this chair. So cheers to the only bar that is for kids.

This week, since I am home for the holidays, my community is my house and my childhood. I want to engage where I came from and what makes home so special. What is so special about your home? What is your favorite room? Let me know on social media with #engagethecommunity !!