Scooter Being Scooter

Me in the Living Room

When I was a baby, I never crawled- I scooted. I would scoot on my butt as I discovered the great, big world called my house. My mom is convinced that is why I am a dancer… jury is still out on that one. What we do know is that I love the floor. So much so, that as a kid I loved to sit on chairs- well next to chairs and lay my head on the seat cushion while I sat on the floor. I would watch sports in this position and even nap in this position. As time has gone on, this has not changed and I still find this a very comfortable position to watch TV at home.

The living room is where imagination is living. I grew up here in this room. I watched all the cartoons here. I watched all the championships being won here. I also watched 9/11 and other tragic events here. I used to play “Back in the USSR” by the Beatles on replay for hours while I banged on the couch as my drum set. I learned to love music here. I used to practice dance in the living room.

The living room is the place where we watched movies as a family and could imagine our lives growing. The living room is where living truly happens in my house. As I am home, I come here to imagine where I will grow up to next and what the world will offer. Here- Scooter can be Scooter.

This week, since I am home for the holidays, my community is my house and my childhood. I want to engage where I came from and what makes home so special. What is so special about your home? What is your favorite room? Let me know on social media with #engagethecommunity !!