Dinner for One

Me sitting at the Dining Room Table

Most nights in high school, I ate dinner by myself. My parents and brother love me and I love them- I just was always training. I would come home between 9 and 9:30 pm from ballet and the the dinner would be left out on the stovetop. I would warm it up and sit to eat by myself. Dinner was my wind down. I could read the sports page of the newspaper or watch a video. Dinner was my escape from the reality that I had to start my homework at 9:30 pm.

Conversely, this place is special because when I can eat dinner with my family, that time is always a highlight of the day. With me being home for the next two weeks without school or ballet, I will be able to have many meals with my family here at this table. This table has shared many laughs and many tears. Good food and good company are frequent travelers to this table. This table is where my family can unite as one... when I show up. I make it a point to eat with my family when I am home from travels and work to make up for my missed time in high school.

This week, since I am home for the holidays, my community is my house and my childhood. I want to engage where I came from and what makes home so special. What is so special about your home? What is your favorite room? Let me know on social media with #engagethecommunity !!