The Tale of Two Cities

Architecture is only a fraction of what makes a city. People also play a huge role in making a city. People give a city its character. Meet my friends Angela Bishop (left) and Bella Ureta (right). They both dance for Boston Ballet. They are amazing dancers and they are very kind souls.

One year ago I knew these two girls but they did not know each other. I danced with Angela growing up at Boston Ballet School. Angela currently dances with the second company of Boston Ballet. I met Bella at Pacific Northwest Ballet when I was dancing in Seattle. Bella moved to Boston this past year to dance at Boston Ballet with their second company. Now here in present day- they are friends. 

I think that is really cool how a city can create friendships. Boston brought two souls together in harmony. This friendship creates character and community to the city of Boston. For me, to see two cities, Seattle and Boston, come together is a tale worth telling.

This week my community will be the city of Boston. I will traveling around the city engaging the people and buildings around me! Follow #engagethecommunity for the latest updates!