Hidden Bookstore

Hidden outdoor bookstore in downtown Boston

What is your favorite book? I am a huge fan of reading and I love going to bookstores to read books and learn. Sometimes I get lost in a bookstore for over an hour. Do you like to go to bookstores?

What is special about Brattle Book Shop is that it is outdoors in a small alley near Downtown Crossing in Boston. This bookstore is an antiquarian bookstore meaning it sells used books. Brattle Book Shop was established in 1825 and is one of the oldest and largest used bookstores in America. You can get original, rare versions of books for thousands of dollars! 

 I love creeping around the city and finding cool, unique spots. It is so easy to live in a city and know nothing about it. I grew up in Boston for years, but every time I come back I always love to find what is new. Every city has character and history. What city are you from and what is the character of that city?

This week my community will be the city of Boston. I will traveling around the city engaging the people and buildings around me! Follow #engagethecommunity for the latest updates!