Paris: The City of Bread

When I got to Paris, I tested that Bible verse that said man cannot live on bread alone. The first thing I did when I arrived to the city from a bus ride was get two pain au chocolat (chocolate croissants). I met heaven. I was very excited to be back in Paris. I traveled here when I was 16 with my french class from Roxbury Latin. We stayed in Caen, Normandy for a month but we did get to experience Paris for a few days at the end of the trip. Being 22 in Paris is a lot different of an experience than my school trip. 

I have not used my french since I was a senior in highschool but I was pleasantly surprised how much I still understood and could speak. I was never amazing at speaking the language but I could understand it well. I think Monsieur Diop and Madame White would be proud of me and how I faired with the foreign language. This was one of the few cities where I actually knew people so I was able to speak in english and in french. It was refreshing to be with people I knew and love as well as get back into the french language. I left this city feeling inspired to continue my studies when I arrive home. 

Having already done most of the big tourist things from my previous trip, I was able to take in the city more as a local. It helped that I was with locals to get a true authentic experience in Paris. From eating lunch outside to going to a bar to watch the Champions League Finals Soccer Match, I enjoyed myself a lot. I am starting to get used to this ex-patriot life.

After days of croissants and crepes, I took a bus to Brussels. You can follow my day to day adventures in Europe on my Instagram! Thank you for the support- I am excited to continue to share my trip with you.