Brussels: The Capitol of Fries

Brussels is a very small city that is very easy to walk. I was happy to be able to practice my French in another city. Fries and waffles are the food of choice here in Brussels and that is not something I want to argue with! As I ate fries from a cone, I wandered the city enjoy the cityscape. The architecture was a blend of old, royal palaces and churches with new glass buildings.

There were not a ton of tourists in the city which felt good. I felt like I was really living in the city versus being a tourist of the city. I am a huge fan of going to coffeeshops and trying to find out where the locals go and hang. I had some good coffee and chocolate from MOK Coffee. They had this chocolate chip cookie that was the best cookie I ever had in my entire life. I did not take a photo of this masterpiece because it was gone in seconds.

Let's just say- I ate well! From Brussels, I was on my way to Amsterdam!