Amsterdam: Canal City

I was very excited for Amsterdam. So many of my friends have gone and loved the city which made me eager to visit. After a bus ride to Amsterdam, I made it to the city of canals. You are always walking over bridges and looking out and seeing small boats cruise through the city. If you are not looking at a canal, you are probably looking at someone on a bike. I knew that there were lots of bikes in this city, but it is actually crazy. In the morning you see biker gangs of kids going to school, and hundreds of people zipping by you on their way to work. 

Amsterdam is home to two museums that I was ecstatic to experience. The first museum was the Rijks Museum and the second was the Van Gogh Museum. They are very different but both magical in their own manner. Beyond the art, I got to experience some great food and coffee. An excellent brunch place is Coffee and Coconuts. This a restaurant within an old church and quite honestly, this is such a great place to be, and the atmosphere is contagious. I got some fantastic coffee from a place called Bocca Coffee Roasters. 

I messed up my dates and was on my way to the airport when I realized that my flight was not until the next day- That could have been worse like by being a day late. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Amsterdam. I had a unique experience when I ended up at a small party of a friend of a friend that was located at this outdoor bar part of a warehouse far from the city. I was easily the only visitor but to experience awesome people from the Netherlands was special to me! 

From Amsterdam, I flew to Dresden, Germany... well, I actually messed up, and I flew to Berlin. After a bus ride, I made it to Dresden. If you follow me on Instagram, you will get daily updates on what I am doing and where I am going to next!