Dresden: A Day in Germany

I arrived in Dresden at night and woke up early because I only had one day in this city. The city is small, and all of the historical sites are very close to each other. I was able to see everything before all of the tourists swarmed the city. I was blown away by the architecture. The stonework was intricate and detailed. Everywhere I looked, I saw a new building that had my jaw dropping.

After walking all morning, I was able to relax outside of the center of the center for a bit until I had to take a bus to Vienna that night. I would love to come back and see a performance at Semperoper Dresden which is an incredible theatre from the outside. I enjoyed this small city of Germany. The next time I am in Germany, I will be in Berlin. 

The next stop for me was Vienna, Austria! For all the daily updates and photos, follow me on Instagram, and I will see you in the next blog post.