London: Mind the Gap

I have been busy living life here in Europe that I have not been writing any blogs. That is a good problem for me because I usually consume myself with work as opposed to enjoying the life around me. I am currently one week into my two-month tour of Europe. During the first month, I will be traveling for myself, and during the second month, I will be dancing in a few festivals.

My first stop was London. I had a pleasant time kicking off my trip in this city. It helped to know the language, and I was able to get around town quickly. Something I was not prepared for was the weather. I am used to Texas summer heat- so like 100 degrees! I got to London in the morning, and it was 55 degrees. It was a significant drop in temperature. Now, it would warm up during the day in London but only to as high as 75 degrees. With no jacket or any clothing layer in my bag, I tended to wear gym shorts under my pants in the morning for an extra layer. 

Big Ben Under Construction

For the majority of the time, I walked in the city. I love wandering around amongst the people of the town. I enjoyed the juxtaposition between new London architecture and old London architecture. I was able to see Big Ben under construction... yes, you read that correctly. I was disappointed too. I need to go back to London to see Big Ben!

I enjoyed an evening at the ballet with Royal Ballet's new production of Swan Lake. It was indeed an inspiring performance for me. One of my favorite parts of London besides the tremendous English breakfast was Hyde Park. Hyde Park is a massive park in the middle of the city that allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of London. I loved laying in the grass and reading my book. I couldn't hear any cars or buses, just the wind, and birds. It was a calming scene comparative to the busyness of London. 

With only three days in this city, I was able to see most of the significant sites and check everything and more off of my list. When I go back to London one day, I will make sure to see Big Ben in its full glory, adventure in the Tate Modern Museum, and visit more of the outer boroughs like Camden. 

From London, I traveled to Paris for a few days. I will tell you more about that adventure in the next blog post. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to get all of the latest updates on what I am doing in each city that I travel to during my trip. Thanks for the love and support!