Nutcracker around the Holidays

The holidays at the end of the year for regular people are relaxing, a time for family, and vacation. For a ballet dancer this is the busiest time of the year because Nutcracker.

Oh Nutcracker!

The marathon of shows starts the day after Thanksgiving and 36 shows later it is December 28th. Before Thanksgiving, the dancers are in the theatre for lots of hours each day preparing to create magic for the thousands of people who will come to see the show over the next month. Pacific Northwest Ballet is putting on a new production of the Nutcracker by George Balanchine with new sets and costumes designed by Ian Falconer. A new production means that the stage rehearsals are more stressful and intense because everything is new for not only the dancers, but also for stage management. 

The last rehearsal went till 9pm on Wednesday night... but I needed to get food ready for the next day! Nothing like some late night grocery shopping the night before turkey day. I was responsible for making the family rolls which is a two day process which I somehow found some time to make the dough. After preparing the dough, I was ready for a day of feasting and relaxation.

I spent my Thanksgiving with at my aunt and uncle's place like I did last year! The day started with a great breakfast created by the amazing Aunt Barb! We transitioned into the football/relaxing phase of Thanksgiving. Eventually, It was time for me to finish making my rolls. As the family friends came to the house, the food was ready. My Uncle Dennis asked everyone to share about a person not from their immediate family that they were thankful for. As we feasted, we were able to share amazing stories about some important people in our lives. As the day was winding down with some tasty pie and ice cream... Black Friday was looming.

Black Friday is not shopping time for me, it is Nutcracker time. The day off is over and the marathon has begun. A weekend full of shows performing Nutcracker. For the next month if you want to know where I am, I am probably at the theatre.