Getting Ready for Auditions

To catch my dream I need to do auditions.

Seems simple, right? Well, real life. I need a resume, cover letters, auditions photos, audition video, and information on each company to send my audition material to them. After that, I have to actually audition. 

Audition season starts January but I need all the audition material before that time. Wait, I have Nutcracker... so how am I going to do all of this work? Nutcracker definitely takes a lot of time and energy this time of year but I still need to get my audition work done. This means that I have to be focused and efficient with my time. While I am at the theatre, I need to work on cover letters and write, write, write! The other week, I had my photoshoot with the amazing Lindsay Thomas in between shows. Over the past month, I have been working overtime on getting my audition video prepared and filmed by the end of December. 

IT IS DONE! Deadlines help, so make them (RULE 73). In school or at work, we have deadlines and they get you to work at all cost to finish the work before the deadline. You will get it done. Well, unfortunately, life does not give you deadlines, you have to make them. December 25th was my deadline. Boom, December 24th rolled around and I finished. Since I was working hard on my audition materials, I have not had the time to write on this blog. Now that I am done, you will see more of me here especially because I have some big changes to the website coming soon. Now it is time to relax, rest up, and get myself ready to send my materials out to companies all over America and Europe. With the presidential election happening in the new year, the theme for 2016 is HIRE ME 2016. 

Check out my audition photos by the wonderful Lindsay Thomas and my audition video below.

NUTCRACKER UPDATE: I am almost done with shows. The last show is on Monday December 28th, 2015. 

LIFE UPDATE: I GO HOME ON DECEMBER 29th, 2015 and I cannot wait to be home till January 9th, 2016.