Keep On Running

This upcoming year is a big year for me for a few reasons:

1. I leave my teen years and enter my 20's

2. My career in ballet and chasing my dream will become a reality or not

3. After June 20th, I have no idea where I will be living

Big change is happening in my life and I am entering the year with a lot of uncertainty. A lot of people try to set goals to create a certain person for that year.  My life is all over the place that it is hard to set goals for a whole year when I do not know what I am doing the second half of the year. Though that might seem scary to some, I am okay with that fact. I am embracing the adventure of uncertainty. 

Where I live in Boston, the Boston Police cadets train a block from my house. This morning, I woke up to one of the trainers yelling at the cadets who were running up the steep hill. He was yelling, "Keep on Running, I don't want to see you walking!" As I embark into the future of a lot of unknown, I don't want to slow, but to keep running for my passions, people that I love, and for my relationship with God. 

A lot of things happened in 2015 that I never imagined would happen. I did not know I would stay in Seattle for another year, travel to Zurich, Switzerland, or perform in shows with PNB. These were things that were not planned at the beginning of 2015, but they happened. I am ready to embrace the good times and the bad times of 2016. 

I am ready to keep on running for another year.