Crystal Clear

I saw Crystal Pite in the flesh Thursday!!! 

That gets me pumped up but for some people reading this, you might not understand her importance or significance. Crystal Pite is a choreographer from Canada and she runs her own dance company called Kidd Pivot while being the associate choreographer for Nederlands Dans Theatre (which is a really big deal). She is an internationally acclaimed choreographer, and her works as a choreographer are, in my opinion, genius. The movements are out of this world and her concepts are original and deep. These were only a few sentences trying to depict why she is so well respected in the dance world and the art world.

Long story short, she is important! The Pacific Northwest Ballet is doing her ballet, "Emergence." I love this piece a lot! I have had the privilege to learn the ballet the past month. For one day, Thursday, Crystal Pite came to PNB to help rehearse us. Now, I am just in the back as an understudy, but listening to her depict and describe the movement quality she wants was unbelievable. She would show the movement with incredible ease and then help the dancers create similar movements. I was able to get a little insight on what she was thinking with the different movements which was an absolute honor.

Getting to work with an artist like Crystal Pite does not come my way that often. She doesn't know my name, and probably never looked at me all the way in the back of the studio, but what she said to us was impactful and inspiring. I never thought this movement could exist until she came around. Watching other dancers take corrections from Pite was amazing. Pite is able to stretch the boundaries of a dancer's movement which is eye candy to me. 

When you have the opportunity to learn from a great mind, do not miss it, enjoy it (RULE 72)! Here is a video about the piece "Emergence." I am excited to get to the theatre next week even though I will not be performing. Being apart of the rehearsals has been an honor and a great experience for me as a dancer and artist.