See you later America! I have a dream to chase

It has been almost a month since I have last posted. Most people are thinking, "Matt, you are dropping the ball."

Why did I not write about how sweet the victory of the New England Patriots was during the Superbowl or crazy things that have happened in the kitchen? I have been focused on getting a contract to become a professional ballet dancer and I have stopped other things in my life as I have gotten organized in my life. I have had to really buckle down in my life and work on email-ing people, setting up auditions, and book travel arrangements. That stuff takes time and energy. 



Well actually, I am in Zurich, Switzerland right now. My mind and soul cannot wrap around the idea that I am in EUROPE! Before you ask, let me answer. I have an audition for Ballett Zurich this week! It is a dream of mine to move to Europe to dance and I got the great opportunity to audition here in Zurich. I will be here for the next week, so to make up for my lack of posts earlier,    I will be posting everyday about all my adventures. 

I can dabble in French but here in Zurich, they speak German. Yeah, you can already see the problems. I feel so awkward speaking English to people and I feel a wee bit out of place. After I am done writing this post, I am going to actually learn some German basics so I do not get lost again. I have not done a lot of exploring, but what I did see was beautiful. The architecture is! 


I had this German jelly doughnut called a Berliner and it was unbelievable. I also had this fancy, Italian dinner by myself, like a boss, that was to die for. This food was legit straight from a boat from Italy. I cannot wait to eat here for the next week... It will be a lot better than my orange chicken from home. I am excited to see where life will take my this week and for the awesome adventure with many memories. 

This is the city I will be in for the next week:

Photo by sborisov/iStock / Getty Images