Jet... ZZZZZZZZZZZ.... lag

Usually I am pretty good at coordinating my sleep with my travel so I do not get attacked by jet lag. Well, I misjudged my flight and I messed up my sleep pattern. Zurich is nine hours ahead of Seattle but my body is in the middle of the two places in terms of time. Today started out by waking up at 2 AM and feeling perfectly fine. I looked at my clock and thought, "Shoot! I am so jet lagged." For the first time in my life, I was reluctant to the idea of sleep and had to force myself to sleep for a few more hours. 

I finally got up around 4 AM to start my day. I am staying at a flat owned by someone from my church here in Zurich. He is letting me stay with him for the week which is super amazing because I do not have to pay for a hostel. I grabbed a little food from the kitchen before I started reading. I was going to church in six hours, so I had some time to kill and relax. After catching up with emails and messages from people, I got ready for church.

On this particular Sunday, the church was not going to meet all together, but instead meet in small house churches. I went to this one house that had about four adults plus me and then four little kids. We started singing in German... I might need to work a little more on my pronunciation of German words. Even though the sermon we listened to was in German, one of the adults translated for me. After, we had lunch together and talked... well I mainly listened. I did not know what was going on a lot of the time but it was really cool just being at the dinner table with these people. 

After being with this house church, I decided to go back to where I was on my first night and adventure with my camera. I would look up and see something and try to find it. I just roamed the streets and enjoyed exploring random parts of the city. If you want to see what the city is really like, get lost because the tourist things are nice but the real culture of the city is not the landmarks (RULE 53). 

Unfortunately, even though it was only 5 PM, I was getting very tired. Thank you jet lag. So I went to the train station before heading home and got this huge hot dog with a beer for dinner. Yes, a beer. Thank you European laws. The hot dog was the best hot dog I have ever had... sorry Fenway Park (Baseball Stadium in Boston), this place has a Fenway Frank beat. Hopefully I will be more rested for tomorrow's adventures.