I love Avocados! | Detox Day 10

Millennials are crazy about their avocado toast- I don't blame them. The main ingredient is the bomb.

Avocados are trees, the fruit of the tree is what is popularly called an avocado. As you cut open an avocado fruit, you will see a round brown pit. Toss the pit, unless you are trying to grow avocados, eat the avocado fruit by the spoonful. 

I love eating straight avocado fruit! So refreshing on a hot, summer Texas night. Putting avocado fruit on a salad is perfect. To me, avocado fruits are a super food. Here's why:

1. Naturally, sodium and sugar-free while be low in saturated fat

2. Nutrient-dense food

3. Contains a high amount of healthy fats

4. Great source of fiber and potassium

What does this all mean? Avocado fruit is a superfood that can help reduce food cravings and overeating while providing for the body. Our body needs healthy fats to process our protein- avocado fruits give us just what we need. 

Bonus tip- The green of an avocado fruit is perfect for the Instagram feed #Millennial.

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