A Powerful Berry | Detox Day 11

Acai bowls are a pretty big deal within the health food scene. It is kind of the new green juice of 2017. Everybody wants one... but why?

1. Acai is a berry that has many antioxidants. 

We need antioxidants because our body gives off free radicals and the antioxidants counteract the damage free radicals do to our body. One problem- we usually give off more free radicals than antioxidants so we need to intake more to counterbalance our insuffiency of antioxidants. 

2. Helps with anti-aging and skin health.

A Planned Parenthood worker said to my friend, "Girl, you look woke- do you have a second to talk." I want my skin to look woke too! Acai berries are a perfect solution.

3. They taste so freaking good!

Need I say more? They just taste so good and refreshing. The acai berry is very good and it usually compliments well with other fruits to make a smoothie or bowl. 

If you have not had an acai bowl you are really missing out. That berry is one powerhouse berry and you really do not want to miss out! Acai bowls will transcend the hype- I said it here first, kids. 

Want to read more? Here are some references: Antioxidants and Acai Berry