RED FLAG! Where I Went Wrong | Detox Day 12


Need I write anymore? You know where this is going.

7-Eleven is a store full of processed foods. BUT- I found a Gluten Free cookie. I looked at all the ingredients. It is perfect. I buy it, and then I am almost done eating this pretty terrible gluten-free cookie to see the word, Whey Protein.


Whey is a cheap protein from dairy.


RED FLAG! BOOM! I Messed up!

I could feel my body turning. The cookie was not detox approved. Here is where I went wrong.

1. There is not one product in that store that fits my detox diet. 

2. It was 12:30 AM at night- The cravings are real.

7-Eleven was convenient, but not smart. Honestly, eating that cookie was not terrible for me. I could have gotten way worse, processed foods. There were only small traces of dairy, so in the long run, not bad, but this just showed me a red flag in me. Whenever it gets late in the day- I crave more and more food. I did not need to get anything, I was almost home from being with friends, but I still went and bought something. 

The biggest thing is to not get down on oneself. Changing your diet and eating habits is HARD. Period. Do not make it more difficult by making yourself feel bad. Tomorrow will be better!

But real talk- I want to make it my mission to never buy something from 7-Eleven again.