Flexibility is Important | Detox Day 9

I have been telling all of my dance students to stretch every day. They will thank me later. My teachers said the same thing to me... it took a while for me to listen. Now I see the power of stretching. 

People always talk about building muscles and getting gains. People rarely talk about how stretching went. We work our muscles every day, especially if you do a sport or any physical training. Our muscles need to relax. 

Stretching helps your body in a few ways.

1. Posture

2. Injury prevention

3. Stress relief

I have been going after mobilizing my body and increasing my range of motion every day at night before I sleep. It not only loosens my muscles from the day but relaxes me before I sleep. The detox is about creating good health habits, and stretching is part of good health habits outside of food. 

When was the last time you tried to touch your toes?

I referenced Sports Injury Clinic