I Let Go

I let go.  

Without a word or a thought, I let go.

I let go the fears.  I let go the judgments.  I let go the flock of opinions stampeding around my head.  I let go the committee of indecision within me.  I let go all those ‘right’ reasons.

Wholly, completely, without hesitation or worry, I just let go.

I didn’t ask for advice.  I didn’t read a book on how to let go.  I just let go.  I let go all the memories holding me back.  I let go all the anxieties keeping me from moving forward.  I let go all the planning and calculations about how to do it just right.  I just let go.

I didn’t promise to let go.  I didn’t write the projected date of letting go on my calendar.  I didn’t wait for the weather to turn, or the dog to stop barking or the proper moment.  I just let go.

I didn’t analyze whether I should let go.  I didn’t journal about it.  I didn’t visit a Zen Buddhist Temple.  I didn’t call the prayer line.  I didn’t consider it at all.  I just let go.

No one else was there to see it happening.  There was no applause, no congratulations.  No one else thanked me or praised me.  No one else noticed a thing.  But I did.  

Like a water droplet dangling from a leaf, I just let go.  No effort.  No tension.  No struggle.  It wasn’t good or bad, not right nor wrong.  It just was.

In the process of letting go, I let things be as they were.  I let it go all day, again and again, and again.  And when I discovered myself holding on, I let that go too.  

A small smile turned the corners of my mouth.  A light breeze tousled my hair.  The sun beamed on my upturned face.  And I could feel warmth tingling in my heart once more.


Inspiration: She Let Go, Rev. Saphire Rose

This is a text that comes from my friend anonymously. This person reached out to me when I started to write about depression and struggles that I was going through. I was not great friends with this person before, but I believe that this common experience has brought a deep bond between us. I am forever grateful for this friendship. This poem is beautiful. This poem has given me strength over the last few months. To my friend- Thank you!

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