Go Macro MacroBar | Detox Day 22

I was finishing up my grocery shopping when I spotted a new bar at Trader Joe's. I go there all the time, so I notice when they have a new item at TJ's. I went over and looked at it because I assumed that I could not eat this bar.



What bar is this?


It is Gluten-free, Soy-free, and Vegan! Oh, and no GMOs! Bless up. It is a little dry, but overall, it is a great tasting bar! 


Yes. The first ingredient in the bar is Brown Rice Syrup.  Brown Rice Syrup is like High Fructose Corn Syrup and has added sugars that lack nutrients which end up being "empty" calories. Here is an article that goes deeper into Brown Rice Syrup

As much as I love Clifbars- Bars are usually not good for you. When companies are trying to scale up production, quality is generally sacrificed because companies want their money. It is a business. The integrity of the product goes out the door. Just because something is gluten-free and vegan does not make it healthy. This bar is probably better for you than most other bars, but still- there are better snacks. We can freak out about the hot foodie words, vegan or no-GMO and think we are eating healthy. This bar is a great example of that. 

I am always down to try new things and test them out, but I want to be more skeptical about what is in the ingredients! 

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