Humanity Will Live Beyond Technology

I am excited for the next week and a half here in Austin because South By Southwest is happening. South By Southwest is a music, film, tech, gaming, and education/interaction festival and conference. The brand new ideas and concepts in technology are usually revealed within talks and workshops that are happening. People from around the world come to find out what the future holds. 

Technology can scare people.

Any change can scare people.

People are afraid that with more technology, we will become less in tune with ourselves as humans because we are stuck in virtual reality or consumed by social media. This outcome is possible. We could all just let technology take over our lives and lose our humanity. 

But I do not think this outcome will happen.

What makes us human is the fact that we question the meaning of life. That journey and curiosity define humanity. Maybe some people, unfortunately, will run away from themselves and try to be consumed by new technology. People have been running away from their problems or wounds forever- not because virtual reality is being created or blockchain technology is becoming more relevant. The new technology allows people to run away differently, but the impetus of why people are running away is no different regardless of technology or time. 

Technology is not what will heal our wounds. I believe that technology can help heal our wounds by giving us resources to meditate or to find counselors to help us. Technology can connect us to those that can help us. I mean heck- you are reading this on the internet. Conversely, technology can be abused, just like any good thing, to hurt ourselves and others.

To save humanity, we need to continue to have conversations like this, to make sure we keep ourselves, regardless of the setting. Each person needs to put principals in their life that will continue to help them grow and strengthen their being. I feel like I have gone away from those principals lately and I can see how I have lost myself. I have been hard on myself which in turn, has created self-hurt and stress.

As I talked about last week- I have built walls around my heart. Since being injured and hurting my back, I have not honestly dealt with my emotional pain. I have not been honest with myself.

I see that technology can come and go- settings change like a new city or a new job but NONE of that- I genuinely mean- NONE of that will change your hurt inside you.

We want to live in a virtual reality of our lives at times so we can choose only the right things and not focus on the bad. In time though, we will have to wake up to ourselves. I have hope that humanity will continue to be curious even with technology changing. I also have faith that this conversation is the beginning of much more self-reflection about humankind within technology. 

What are your thoughts about the future of humanity in an ever-changing world with technology multiplying? I would love to hear from you, so comment below on what you believe or see!