My Favorite Stretch

Last week I mentioned that I needed to stretch more often during my recovery. This lack of flexibility was evident when I took a ballet class yesterday for the first time. I only took a little bit of barre but man, were my hips and quads tight! OUCH! 

This stretch is my favorite stretch but I also really like to avoid it since this stretch is hard for me! I know how helpful it is... I just know I am super tight in the front of my hips.  This stretch was given to me by my coach, Jesse Ruiz, and it has been a game changer for me. 

Put something under your knee to protect it against the floor. The closer your knee is to the wall, the more intense the stretch will be. I would suggest starting out farther from the wall and over time slowly bring your knee closer to the wall as you increase your flexibility. Make sure your front leg has 90-degree angle at the crease of your knee. You can take a pole or roller to push your upper body up lightly. If you feel the stretch, do not keep pushing up because you do not want to overstretch and hurt yourself. Breathe! And hold for 30 seconds. Slowly come down from the stretch. Then switch legs and do the other side.

This stretch opens the front of my legs up and is great since I have been doing more sitting than I usually do since I am not up on my feet dancing 9 hours a day. My body is feeling good. I am just grateful to be moving forward and getting back to my full abilities. I am trying to put in the work and mentally spur myself on to go beyond my fears and insecurities. 

What is your favorite stretch? I want to know and learn from you. Let me know down below!

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